Volunteers cutting the grand opening ribbon in front of the new rogersville location

Safe Haven Now is volunteer operated. There are great needs in our community and we can’t do it without your help. There are many ways to help.

Types of Volunteers

Store operation: Safe Haven Now operates thrift stores that sell clothing and household items at low prices. Volunteers cover assist customers, tidy the shelves, and process orders.

Donation sorting: Safe Haven Now receives a large amount of clothing and household goods from generous donors in the community. Volunteers go through these items, deciding which ones are appropriate for sale in the store, sorting them into categories and often by size, and placing a price on each item.

This type of work is done in the finished attic in both the Fordland and Rogersville locations. So the ability to climb a flight of stairs is required. The attics are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

Food pantry organization: Safe Haven Now purchases large amounts of groceries from distributors, and it receives groceries from individual donors. Volunteers unload and organize these items onto shelves. Expired items are removed and groceries are rotated to promote freshness.

Food distribution: Many hungry and hurting people come to Safe Haven Now for assistance. Our volunteers work directly with these clients, compassionately finding solutions to their needs. This assistance usually includes food from the pantry. But it may also include a listening ear, a moment of prayer, and a referral to an additional organization.

Maintenance: Safe Haven Now operates two modest storefronts, both of which are in need of upkeep and repair. Handymen, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen offer their skills to this mission.

Community advocates: Some people help Safe Haven Now by promoting its mission in the community. They host informational meetings at their churches and offices, they run food drives and fundraisers, they participate in social media campaigns, and they find other ways to spread the word about Safe Haven Now’s need for donations and volunteers. This is great for social butterflies and for people who are not able to perform some of the physical tasks associated with other volunteer positions.

Prayer team: Our clients have big struggles, our volunteers have heavy workloads, and the enemy is out to stop us. Could you commit to praying for our mission and for the concerns of our clients?

Board Members: A group of volunteers are responsible for planning the future of Safe Haven Now and making critical decisions that affect our community. See the current list of board members.

“I Want to Help”