Volunteering at Safe Haven Now

So many times after the holidays we go right back into our everyday lives and routines. The spirit of giving has left us and unconsciously we get back into the “all about me” world perspective. However, this was not the case for one of our local churches here in Rogersville. Story Church located in Jamestown Shopping Center reached out to us in November wanting to do a family volunteering opportunity within their church. So we scheduled it for a time that is always most needed, January the month after Christmas. They held a food drive and collected hygiene items for the pantry as well.

These volunteers came in after hours in the middle of the week and worked really hard sorting and organizing the shelves to prepare for food distribution. They then prepared all the boxes that was scheduled to go out into our community that following weekend. But they didn’t stop there!!!! They came back on Saturday January 20, and served those boxes to our Rogersville community members in need.

The spirit of giving doesn’t have to take place “JUST” at the holidays. A cheerful giver should be willing to help and serve when called to do so! We were so blessed that Story Church was called and they followed through. Thank you Story Church for serving along side us and sharing your time, love and prayers at Safe Haven Now.

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